Bali Eco Cycling Tours is designed in several locations, in addition to the area of Ubud, around the village of Sibetan is also very interesting. Environment and nature that is still beautiful, combined with some traditional things that are still maintained by the local community, such as the making of Arak (Bali Wine), the way of placing and irrigation system, and so on. All of Bali’s unique traditions and culture, as well as the stunning natural beauty will be encountered while on a cycling tour. So Eco Cycling Tour in Bali with trips designed for tourists at this location can be selected as one of the activities when vacationing in Bali.

Rice Terrace View Bali Eco Cycling Tours Sibetan

Terraced paddy scenery, can be enjoyed not only when the cycling tour, but the journey to the start point bike tour, participants will also find it. Beautiful scenery is located in the village of Sidemen. A village that also looks very cool and fascinating will be visited by participants. Likewise when heading back to the hotel, some attractions can be visited. What an amazing experience, you will be invited on a one-day tour duration.

Bali Eco Cycling Tours and Green Bike Tour Bali

The term for this cycling tour is often mentioned with Bali Eco Cycling Tours, and there is also mention of Green Bike Tour Bali. Both titles are often heard by tourists who love to cycling activities. Whatever the mention, it is clear that the participants will enjoy the beautiful and natural atmosphere of East Bali by riding a mountain bike. The track has been selected so that participants can comfortably ride bicycles from the starting point to the finish point. This cycling tour trip is about 2 Hours, approximately 80% of the road conditions are flat and the road is downhill.