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Bali Eco Cycling Adventure Tours


A lot of people know that Bali has an amazing nature, from the green rice terraces up to the stunning blue sue with white sand overlay. That is why; a lot of people come to Bali to enjoy its nature. Because of this reason, in Bali we can find so many kinds of activities that are offered for tourists so that they can enjoy the nature of Bali. One of those activities is cycling. Bali Eco Cycling Tours or Bali Bike Tours are the best option for you who wanted to enjoy Bali with different way. How is this tour? Below is the further information about this Bali Cycling Tour.

Cycling at Bali Countryside

Bali Countryside Cycling TourThe Bali Eco Cycling Adventure Tours are started from one of Bali countryside (Sibetan Village). It can give you a unique and different experience because in that countryside you will be able to feel the fresh air that is surrounded by one of the largest ecotourism in Bali, Salak. What is salak? Salak is an authentic fruit from Indonesia and it is also one of several indigenous fruits that we can here in this beautiful country. Furthermore, Salak is a palm tree species and we can say that it is a kind of tropical plantation. Salak has a sweet taste that you will like although it was the first time you try this fruit.

Some Activities on Bali Eco Cycling Adventure Tours

Cycling in Bali that is included at this tour is not only just cycling among the Salak fruit plantation, but participants will break the exploration for a while. They can do the other interesting activities such as harvesting the Salak fruit, eat and taste Salak directly on the plantation area. It can give an unforgettable moment for participants. This is the first activity that can be done on this Bali Cycling Tour.

Salak FruitAfter enjoying some times in Salak Plantations area, harvesting and tasting Salak, the journey will be continued to the downhill trek for passing through local villagers’ daily life in Bali. Participants are being able to see what the authentic activities of Traditional Villagers in Bali area. You may not be worried because all Balinese people are really friendly and open to visitors that come to their village or their area. However, as a guess we have to respect them and follow the rules that they may had already made.

Besides knowing the authentic activities of Local Villagers in Bali, Cycling tours in Bali will also possibly the participants to visit the traditional local markets. Participants will see how the natural buying and bargaining process in traditional market. They can also see a lot of stuffs that are sold in that market and they can buy anything that they wanted from that market as well. Buying some stuff in local market is really interesting and somehow it can give you a cheaper price and fresher items as well. Basically, participants will feel the rural atmosphere in that traditional market.

Bali Bike Tours - RefreshmentThe journey on this Cycling Bali will be continued. After for about a half of the trek, participants will enter to a rice field valley. In that valley, participants of this Bali Eco Cycling Adventure Tours will enjoy the fresh young coconut that is really refreshing. It can heal your thirst and it can be a good solution to make you fresh again. Why coconut? It is because coconut is a tropical fruits that are available in Bali and furthermore this fruit is really great for our health. It has a lot of natural ion that is great for giving back your stamina and somehow it can make our body fresh quickly. Coconut is also a fruit that can kill bacteria and germs inside our body. That young coconut is presented by kind-hearted local people on their rice field. Besides enjoying the fresh young coconut, participants can also enjoy the interaction with the friendly local villagers there. You will love this experience.

Done with the young coconut, the journey on this Bali cycling will be continued to the rice terrace path. Once, you may need to push the bike on the ramp. You may not be worried on this path because the professional guide leader will instruct some important controls that you can do. In this time, participants of this tour are being able to break and stop at any time to enjoy the stunning rice terrace view. The most interesting thing is that, participants are also allowed to join the farmers’ activities and their harmony living. It is a perfect moment to get the different and unique vacation in Bali.

Tea or Coffee Break at Rice Rields HutThose are not the end of the memorable adventure of Bali Eco Cycling Adventure Tours. After doing such journeys, your day will be ended with tea or coffee break that is presented at the other rice fields hut. Drinking coffee or tea here is really interesting because you can also enjoy the rice terrace valley view under the amazing touch of the sun shine. If you have done drinking and enjoying your coffee and tea, our air conditioned and comfortable vehicle will escort you to a special restaurant for having lunch with special and delicious menus. You can enjoy those delicious menus while talking about the memorable journey of Cycling Bali.

After the lunch time is over, our vehicle will return you to your hotel and it is the end of amazing Bali Eco Cycling Tours that will give an unforgettable moment in Bali.

Bali Eco Cycling Adventure Tours are really interesting activity that you have to try when you were in Bali. This tour is really healthy for your physic or for your soul. Why? It is because you can have a fun exercise of cycling in Bali and visiting the beautiful and natural Bali countryside. It is a perfect tour for you who want the other and different activities in Bali than just doing some water sports or enjoying beach. Come with your friends, groups and families to get more interesting moment here.


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Bali Cycling Tours 3004173
Bali Cycling Tours 3004174
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Bali Eco Cycling Adventure Tours 12041716
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  • A warm local welcome to their traditional Balinese house with a cup of coffee or tea followed by traditional snack
  • Exploring the East Bali (Karangasem) with a mountain bike
  • Visiting a local plantation (Salak Bali / Snake Fruit)
  • Harvesting the Salak fruit, eat and taste Salak directly on the plantation area
  • Downhill trek for passing through local villagers’ daily life in Bali
  • Visit the traditional local markets
  • Fun exercise of cycling in Bali and visiting the beautiful and natural Bali countryside
  • Cycling through the rice fields
  • Fresh young coconut presented by local people on their rice field hut
  • Coffee or tea break presented at the other rice field hut. While enjoying the rice terrace valley under the sunshine touch.
  • Lunch at a unique restaurant with a special menu
  • Adult: IDR 400.000 / person (Minimum 2 persons)
  • Children (9 – 12 years old): IDR 300.000 / person

Group: IDR 375.000 / person (Minimum 10 persons)


What is Included
  • Mountain Bike
  • Professional Cycling Tour Guide
  • Safety Tools (Helmet)
  • Refreshment (Young Coconut)
  • Coffee / Tea Break
  • Salak Fruit (Snake Fruit)
  • Lunch
  • Insurance Cover (9 – 65 Years Old)
  • Government Tax and Service Charge
Transportation Services

SHARED TRANSPORT (Hotel Pick-up & Transfer, Included: Driver & Gasoline)

  • Air Conditioned Vehicle: IDR 50.000 / person

PRIVATE TRANSPORT (Max. 10 Hours, Included: Driver & Gasoline)

  • Air Conditioned Vehicle (Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, or Suzuki APV. Passenger: Max. 5 persons): IDR 500.000 / unit

The price above is only for picking up the guest on some hotels around the Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Canggu, Denpasar, Sanur, Ubud, Candidasa, Padangbai. The price is different for the other areas.

Pick-up Time
  • Nusa Dua – Jimbaran: 07.30 – 07.40
  • Kuta – Legian – Seminyak: 07.30 – 07.40
  • Sanur – Denpasar: 07.30 – 07.40
  • Ubud: 07.30 – 07.40
  • Candidasa – Padangbay: 08.30 – 07.40
  • 07.30 – 08.40: Hotel pick-up time (subject on your hotel location) On the way take a break to enjoy the morning ambiance of local daily activities; local market, the farmer starting their activities at the rice field beside the white water river. A beautiful morning rice filed panorama with the highest mountain back ground (The Mount Agung). Fresh air and a challenge for a pro photographer or just for selfie picture, would lead a memorable moment before riding the bicycle.
  • 09.15 A warm local welcome to their traditional Balinese house with a cup of coffee or tea followed by traditional snack.
  • 09.30: Bicycle check and briefing
    09.45: Start the cycling in the plantation with some off road track to the hidden plantation area.
  • 10.15: Explore, feel the harvesting sensation and direct consuming the Salak Fruits from the largest plantation in Bali. Also free testing traditional wine during the local making / process.
  • 11.15: Continue the trip passing the plantation, traditional village with the local daily activities.
  • 12.00: Entering the rice field area to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the panorama along the single path. Enjoy fresh young coconut on the farmer hut. Continue to enjoy the nature single path trek.
  • 13.00: Enjoy special typical lunch at the plantation area.
  • 14.00: Return to the hotel. On the way return to the hotel, any possibility to stop for short visit to elephant cave “Goa Lawah” beside the Goa Lawah Beach.
  • 16.00: Approximately arrive back to the hotel, depend on the return destination or accommodation.
What to Bring
  • Sport Shoes
  • Comfort Clothes
  • Sun Screen
  • A Hat
  • Camera
  • Some Cash for Souvenirs and Personal Use.
Terms & Conditions
  • Reservations or bookings should be made by Booking Form
  • Fill the Booking Form provide and make sure you put valid email address, so we can reply after received your Tour or Activity booking request.
  • After we received your Tour or Activity booking request we will reconfirm again your booking request, to make sure all request is correct.
  • Payment is Cash Payment
  • Payment will collected on departure with our driver
  • Payment with other currency will convert based on daily exchange rate
  • Cancellation fee to 50% of the total payment will be charged if a confirmed booking is cancelled within one day prior to clients pick up
  • No-Show will be charge of 100% of the total payment

Note: Term & condition for group bookings (over 10 persons) are regulated differently.


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Best of The Best Tour in Bali. Natural, Unik, Adventure
Bali Kuno
Bali Kuno
19:44 05 Oct 17
The Best and Fun Rafting in Bali. The guide and all the staff served me very well. I thank all of you. I'm very enjoyable holiday. RECOMMENDED.
Desa Penglipuran Bali
Desa Penglipuran Bali
20:59 15 Jul 17
Excellence service, very satisfying. Explore Bali by 4WD in the morning, have breakfast while enjoying the sunrise, and enjoy the highest mountain scenery in Bali. Sure, it has become a memorable holiday. Thanks to the Bali Off-Road Tours, you served us perfectlyread more
Sang Kompiang Juli Arta
Sang Kompiang Juli Arta
17:57 20 Jun 17
The most appropriate choice of cycling tour in Bali. Nature and culture that can still be found when passing. Thank for guide, excelent service. Recomendedread more
putu sudiantara
putu sudiantara
08:24 18 Jun 17
Acara outing kantor kami menjadi sangat menyenangkan dan berkesan. Memilih salah satu aktivitas yaitu Bali Off Road Adventure Tour, sungguh menemukan sebuah pengalaman baru. Pemandangan indah alam Bali pada sebuah puncak, apalagi dapat menikmati buah salak yang langsung dipetik dari more
Ayu Adnyani
Ayu Adnyani
03:51 18 Jun 17
Top banget untuk acara outing, outbound, gathering dan team building di Bali. Apalagi untuk tema amazing race dengan kendaraan 4WD ini lokasi yang paling more
Armada Bali
Armada Bali
21:49 12 Jun 17
Bali Off Road Tours is very interesting and fun. The countryside atmosphere and through the tropical forest is a new experience. A well-groomed 4WD vehicle, it boosts the mood of travel. RECOMMENDEDread more
Ani Antari
Ani Antari
17:17 25 May 17

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