Bali Off-Road Tours Sibetan, Karangasem is one of “What to do in Bali” with adventure activity category. Karangasem, located in eastern Bali, has an amazing natural atmosphere. The view of Mount Agung will be something of interest when traveling on this tour. Precisely, at the Peak of Sibetan Village, you can enjoy it. Trip to the top of Sibetan Village will be reached by 4 Wheel Drive vehicle with duration about 1 hour. Experienced drivers or guides will guide you pleasantly. Occasionally will give an explanation of the trees and other plants that are surrounded.

Why Choose Bali Off-Road Tours Sibetan

When you’re on vacation, of course you want to feel the refreshment of the atmosphere, with 4 WD vehicles, you will feel a new experience. Supported by the path and nature of its cool and natural surroundings, Bali Off-Road Tours Sibetan, it can be assured that your vacation will be satisfactory.

Interesting Activities Bali Off-Road Tours Sibetan

Besides going to see the beautiful scenery of Mount Agung, some interesting things will be felt that participants will visit the making of Bali Wine, Harvest and taste ownself Salak Fruit (Snake Fruit), coffee break in a local community house, and lunch with special menu. There are no additional charges. Except when you want to bring Snake Fruit to be enjoyed at the hotel after the activity.